Brand-driven UX Strategies

Brand-driven UX Strategies with Senior UX Strategist, Trevor Calabro

June 9, 2021 12PM - 1PM

Most brand guidelines do a good job describing how your website should look, but what about how it should feel to the user?

Aside from some copywriting guidance, most brands fall short when describing a website’s interaction strategy. Especially considering the role interaction design plays in determining the way your website works for its users. Senior UX Strategist, Trevor Calabro will walk through a step-by-step framework for extending your existing brand standards into a scalable interaction design strategy. He’ll detail real-world examples and provide worksheets that streamline adding interactions into your current brand.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Auditing your current brand guidelines
  • Transforming visual style guidelines into interaction design first principles
  • Creating a system for incorporating your brand strategy in your UX designs
User Experience Design

Top 8 UX Trends for 2021


May 12, 2021 12PM - 1PM

There’s been a significant shift in user behavior over the last nine months in reaction to 2020's craziness. This talk walks you through 2021's most impactful UX trends and provides a framework for planning accordingly. Some trends have unearthed new opportunities, while others pose unique challenges. Join Aten’s Senior UX Strategist Trevor Calabro as he details what these trends mean for you. This webinar focuses on: - The UX trends that will affect your users the most - How to leverage positive UX trends and mitigate negative ones - Real-world guidance for dealing with future UX concerns

Improving your website’s information architecture with card sorts

With Nikki Singer

January 13, 2021 12PM - 1PM

If you want to make an impact on your users, you have to speak their language. In website design and development organizing your content in a way that makes the most sense to users starts with information architecture (IA). Card sorting is a simple, well-established research technique for discovering how your users categorize information. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to conduct a card sorting exercise and how you can use the results to group and label your website menus, content categories, and taxonomies.

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