• 2012 Highlights

    Justin Toupin

    Happy New Year! We're just over three weeks in, and last year already feels so... well... last year. Before we get too far into 2013, I wanted to take a moment and run through some of the highlights from 2012.

    To our clients, to my colleagues, and to everyone else who helped make 2012 everything that it was: Thank You! Here's to a successful, rewarding 2013.

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  • Treasure Trek - A JavaScript Game Powered By Drupal

    Garrett Dawson

    Over the past eight years, Aten has had the privilege of working with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to design, develop, and maintain the Kids Zone, an online experience that leverages imaginative characters, games, activities, and interactive storytelling to engage kids with colonial content. We're thrilled to introduce the latest Kids Zone addition: Treasure Trek, a fun and educational online scavenger hunt that is built on some great web technologies.

  • Redesigning JAARS.org

    Ken Woodworth

    In 2009 we launched a new JAARS.org website with a design that moved the JAARS brand forward and helped them communicate their role in providing practical support for Bible translation. But like anything on the web, over time it became clear that the site was in need of a redesign. The goals of the site, and the organization, had changed and a new design was needed to reflect those changes. It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to the new JAARS.org.

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  • Roosevelt Institute's Fully Operational ND2.0

    Lydia Toupin

    This week, eight weeks after we completed Roosevelt Institute’s ND2.0 project, the redesigned blog is brimming with current posts and activity. ND2.0, or Next New Deal, is a blog fostered by supporters of the Roosevelt legacy and acts as a community think tank for progressive leaders and communicators endeavoring to restore America to economic and social balance.

  • OpenAid: A Drupal Distribution for NGOs and Non-Profits

    Justin Toupin
    Today we published the first recommended release for OpenAid, a Drupal 7 distribution created to help non-profits, NGOs, and international development projects create program-focused websites quickly. The platform provides simple, baseline features commonly needed in the field of international development -- including home page image carousels, multi-author blogs, project profiles, mapping, image galleries, a basic responsive theme, and more. You can download the code, give feedback on OpenAid’s features, and contribute to the project at http://drupal.org/project/openaid.
  • DrupalCon Denver: Aten's Highlights

    Jon Clark

    Last week the annual North American DrupalCon was held here in Denver. The Aten team was involved with DruplaCon Denver in a variety of ways last week and the months leading up to the event.

    Aten Design Group was chosen by the Drupal Association as the design lead for DrupalCon Denver. We worked with the local community to create the branding, website design, and over one hundred other assets, including signs, banners, badglets and presentation templates.

  • Random Hacks of Kindness

    Justin Toupin

    This weekend, more than 1,500 self-proclaimed "hackers" are gathering in cities around the world to work on technology solutions for world problems, including advance warning for severe weather situations, tracking lost children in large-scale emergencies, real time climate data comparison, and more than 60 others. The "hackathon" events are part of a global initiative called Random Hacks of Kindness, founded in 2009 in a partnership between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA and the World Bank.

    We had the incredible privilege of working with the RHoK team to redesign and rebuild RHoK.org in Drupal 7.

  • AASHE.org Redesign

    Ken Woodworth

    We've been working for the past few months on a redesign for aashe.org and are glad to announce that the site is live and ready for the public. We're still ironing out a few kinks but I thought I would take this time to cover a bit of the process around the redesign. This project was unique in that AASHE had a development team that would be implementing the site. It was great working with Julia, Matt and the rest of the AASHE team and they did an excellent job tackling the development side of things. So with development taken care of, we were able to focus solely on design and front-end interaction.