• Justice League of Street Food Yumminess

    Joel Steidl

    Let me pause from work for a moment to talk about food … I mean everybody's got to eat!

    This past Saturday, the Justice League of Street Food (JLSF), and a bunch of Denverites descended upon Taxi, the development where the Aten office is located.

    The Justice League of Street Food is a group of food trucks and carts (AKA superheros) who have banded together to save Denver, one mobile meal at a time." - JLSF Facebook Page

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  • Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, April 2012

    Scott Reynen

    The first post-DrupalCon meetup in Denver had a great turnout. Many new people, hungry for more Drupal. And pizza. Our pizza vendor kindly threw in an extra pizza to thank us for ordering so much. And the local Drupalistas rose to the challenge and ate it all. We ate it up.


    Justin Toupin

    Forgive us; it's hard to contain the excitement: DrupalCon Denver is less than a week away. That's right -- less than a week until the sessions, the BoFs, the parties, the reconnecting with old friends, the making of new friends, exploring business opportunities, seeing the next big Drupal thing... did we mention the parties? It's going to be great.

    To celebrate, we're giving away a Denver-made Never Summer snowboard, and hosting a little soiree in our offices Wednesday night. Interested? Please read on...

  • A Great Mobile Conference, plus Drupal

    Scott Reynen

    DrupalCon Denver is a Matryoshka doll. Ostensibly a Drupal conference, hidden inside you'll find several smaller conferences. We call them "tracks," but they really are full conferences. You could show up at DrupalCon, attend only one track, and get more than you get at most single-topic conferences for a fraction of the price. As co-chair for the Mobile track at DrupalCon along with Todd Nienkerk, I've been involved with making sure we have the best possible sessions focused on mobile within the wider conference.

  • Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, January 2012

    Jason Yee

    It has to be said that the January Denver Drupal meetup was a far more interesting live television broadcast than the President's State of the Union address. We didn't have nearly as many viewers or inspire a drinking game, but we also did not have any bitter partisan politics characterized by half of the audience applauding random statements while the other half made disapproving facial expressions.

  • Second Annual Denver Drupal Games

    Scott Reynen

    Our schedule for Denver Drupal meetups puts our November meetup two days before American Thanksgiving, a time when many people are out of town or otherwise unable to attend the meetup. Last year we decided not to cancel the meetup, and instead took advantage of the smaller group to do something a little different in November, and we did the first "Denver Drupal Games", a fun site-building competition.

  • Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, October 2011

    Scott Reynen

    October's Denver Drupal meetup was focused on "DevOps," with a presentation by Ned McClain from Applied Trust. Ned had given a similar presentation at the Boulder meetup last month, and kindly agreed to make the trek to Denver for those of us who missed the first one. Ned started by talking about changing approaches to development, quickly explaining the difference between the traditional "waterfall" approach with bigger release cycles, and the "agile" approach with smaller release cycles.