• DrupalCon Prague

    Lydia Toupin

    Ten days ago I returned from 2013's European DrupalCon, held in Czech Republic’s capital, the beautiful city of Prague. Aten once again sponsored the event, making this our ninth DrupalCon as a company and the fourth DrupalCon I have had the pleasure of attending personally.

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  • Develop Denver 2013

    Joe Crespo

    Last Thursday and Friday, three Aten developers – Garrett Dawson, Ryan Kois and Joe Crespo (that’s me) – descended on Develop Denver 2013 to learn about the latest tech, drink copious amounts of free coffee (also free beer), and generally geek out on development strategy with like-minded people who won’t immediately tune out, fall asleep, or fake an incoming call while we go into the weeds on the minutiae of various languages, libraries, frameworks... etc.

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  • Aten's Newest Members Share Perspectives on DrupalCamp Colorado

    Lydia Toupin

    This past weekend, sixteen members of the Aten team attended DrupalCamp Colorado in Boulder. As always, it was a blast to have so many of us together presenting, learning and having fun. In the past few months we have had several talented and much-needed additions to the Aten team. Our weekend in Boulder was the first Drupal event for some of our new hires, and the first Drupal event under the Aten flag for others. After a few days of settling back in the office, here’s what Aten’s newest members have to say about DrupalCamp Colorado 2013:

  • Design4Drupal Boston 2013

    Ken Woodworth

    Getting up at 3:30am to catch a flight to Boston is not an ideal way to start the day. Knowing I was headed to Design4Drupal made it a bit easier to handle. Design4Drupal is an annual web design camp that covers design, UX and front-end development.

  • Media Changes Lives

    Clayton Dewey

    I listened to a mother choke back tears as she explained how Science Fiction literature validated her constant feeling of otherness. She was estranged from her family because of her sexual orientation, but now her parents wanted to be in her daughter's life. She was stuck in a place similar to many others in the Parenting in/and/as Science Fiction session.

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  • Central Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, May 2013

    Ryan Kois

    This month's Central Denver meetup varied slightly from the normal format. The focus on the meetup was discussing our experiences and thoughts from Drupalcon Portland. As such, the main introduction question was, "Did you attend Drupalcon Portland?" It was nice to see that roughly seventy-five percent of audience had attended, as it left a lot to discuss. We once again provided collaborative notes for members to contribute to and we certainly had a lot more participation than last month.

  • DrupalCon PDX - Favorite Moments

    Justin Toupin

    Last week 9 of us from Aten attended DrupalCon Portland, 2013. With more that 3,300 registrations, this was the largest DrupalCon yet. Our team was privileged to be sponsors, speakers, and co-organizers for the event. As always, there were plenty of incredible sessions, so many people to catch up with, and no shortage of after-parties. Here are a few highlights from the team.

  • Central Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, April 2013

    Scott Reynen

    At this month's Central Denver meetup, I didn't have an introductions question prepared as I normally do, so I just asked the first question I thought of: what's your favorite color? That turned out to be more interesting than I expected, a close race between green and blue, with blue narrowly squeaking out a victory at the last minute.

  • Central Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, March 2013

    Scott Reynen

    This is the first meetup recap we've done that specifies we're talking about the Central Denver meetup, because we now have 3 monthly meetups in Denver (in addition to several elsewhere in Colorado). So far this hasn't hurt attendance at the original meetup at all. It was another crowded room. Specifically, we had 40 people show up to talk about Drupal.