• DrupalCon Sydney Recap

    John Ferris

    I was super excited last year when I heard a DrupalCon was to be thrown in Sydney, Australia in 2013. At the time, my wife and I recently found out she had been accepted into a teachers' exchange program and we were going to be living in Adelaide, SA for the year. Win win! This happy coincedence cut the travel time from 22 hrs. down to 2 hrs.—making the idea of attending the first DrupalCon in the southern hemisphere a realistic one. So last week I found myself on Coogee Beach with roughly 400 hundred Drupal comrades.

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  • Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, January 2013

    Clayton Dewey

    Last Tuesday, the Denver Open Media studio was packed with Drupal enthusiasts, determined to fulfill New Year resolutions to stay plugged into the Drupal community. As usual, many folks came looking to hire Drupal talent, including New Media, Aten Design Group and Spire Media. Check the DBUG job posts for more details on these opportunities.

  • 2012 Highlights

    Justin Toupin

    Happy New Year! We're just over three weeks in, and last year already feels so... well... last year. Before we get too far into 2013, I wanted to take a moment and run through some of the highlights from 2012.

    To our clients, to my colleagues, and to everyone else who helped make 2012 everything that it was: Thank You! Here's to a successful, rewarding 2013.

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  • Aten's Going to BADCamp!

    Lydia Toupin

    Once again we have the privilege of sponsoring an amazing Drupal event. In just two weeks several members of the Aten Design Group team will be joining the Drupal crowd in Berkeley, California, for BADCamp 2012 sessions and summits! We are looking forward to reconnecting with Drupal friends and colleagues, sharing some of what we’ve been working on, and hearing what others have been up to as well. And... Aten is hiring!

  • Denver Drupal Meetup Recap, August 2012

    Scott Reynen

    This month's Denver Drupal meetup was the first in a long time focused on the front end. Possibly related, we also had a lot of new attendees this month. Yay.

    Before we got into our main presentation, I asked everyone to answer the old "Good, Fast, Cheap, pick two" question. After some creative answers (e.g. picking just one, picking one twice), good has 29 votes, while cheap and fast tied at 14 each.

  • CapitalCamp 2012 Recap

    Jon Clark

    CapitalCamp—the DrupalCamp for Washington, DC—was held last week at George Washington University, and we were proud to help sponsor. The camp was a great success, offering many insightful sessions and opportunities to talk with people doing amazing things with Drupal. As usual, we got to meet a lot of attendees, including independent developers, folks from Drupal shops and others using Drupal at work—especially in public sector and nonprofit settings. Three of us presented sessions over the weekend.

  • Design for Drupal, Boston 2012

    John Ferris

    Last weekend, Ken and I headed to MIT for the 4th annual Design for Drupal Boston—one of the few Drupal camps geared specifically toward design and front-end development. As is typical with Drupal Camps, we got to meet and share with a lot of new faces, all with a passion for Drupal and design. It was also the first opportunity for Ken and myself to present two new sessions we've been working on, both of which revolve around the processes we use daily here at Aten.