BADCamp and The Association


Last year I wrote my Top 10 Reasons BADCamp should be GLADCamp. I'll be going again this year with six other staff from Aten. I'll be presenting Herding the Cats, Keep the Focus, a session on effective communication with internal and external stakeholders. I'm also giving a lightning talk at the Higher Education Summit. See what the rest of us from Aten are up to at BadCamp!

Drupal Association

This year I'll be attending BADCamp as an incoming board member for the Association. I cycle into service in November. I recently met with Holly Ross for on-boarding. I'll likely join the governance committee and use some of what I've learned from other board experiences to aid the Association following best practices. I'm a process geek and governance is just that, a process.

Find Me

If you are interested in chatting with me - feel free to seek me out at BADCamp. I'd be delighted to discuss anything process or Association. I'll be in town Wednesday night through Sunday! See you at BADCamp!