Center for Investigative Reporting

Justin Toupin

Yesterday we launched, along with the incredible team at the Center for Investigative Reporting. The website looks fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) — on your phone and tablet, as well as your computer.

The new information architecture, design, and features deliver on a broad range of communication goals, including:

  • Supporting long-form video with convenient functionality for saving your place (even between devices)
  • Tools for sorting and filtering content by topic, media, and length
  • Sensible categorization -- users can find content by topic, media-type, or project
  • Fully-featured project pages, allowing CIR to bring special focus to its curated collections of reporting on a massive range of topics

We're thrilled with the outcome.

You can learn more about the project by reading CIR's blog post on the redesign, or by just visiting the website directly at

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Justin is CEO and founding partner at Aten. He started the company back in 2000 with a passion for technology and communications, a desire to do meaningful work, and an aspiration to help build a place where people love what they do.

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