• Design4Drupal 2014

    Ken Woodworth

    Design4Drupal 2014 is almost here, and Aten couldn't be more excited. This year, along with being the Design Partner for the event, members of Aten's Design & UX team will be presenting four different sessions.

    This year's Design4Drupal (August 1-3) has been structured to give each day a specific focus. Friday kicks things off with a business summit, Saturday is chock full of sessions and Sunday wraps things up with sprints and trainings. Make sure you catch as many of Aten's sessions on Saturday as you can:

  • Careful with Those Cards!

    Ali Ali

    I am sure as you browse the web today you have come across a familiar pattern for displaying content within card-like rectangles. These cards introduce a unique new way of presenting content and there is a clear trend driving their use by big web players, including but not limited to Pinterest and Google+. The question is: are these cards right for your interface? The answer: It depends.

  • Design4Drupal Boston 2013

    Ken Woodworth

    Getting up at 3:30am to catch a flight to Boston is not an ideal way to start the day. Knowing I was headed to Design4Drupal made it a bit easier to handle. Design4Drupal is an annual web design camp that covers design, UX and front-end development.

  • Mood Boards - An Evolution

    Ken Woodworth

    Any design process involves a lot of creativity, a big chunk of research, and a tiny bit of guessing. Wait, what? Guessing? Guessing may not be the right word for it. Perhaps, "exploration?" Whatever you call it, there's a part of the process that involves uncertainty. Eliminating that uncertainty can make the design process more efficient and more successful.

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  • Redesigning JAARS.org

    Ken Woodworth

    In 2009 we launched a new JAARS.org website with a design that moved the JAARS brand forward and helped them communicate their role in providing practical support for Bible translation. But like anything on the web, over time it became clear that the site was in need of a redesign. The goals of the site, and the organization, had changed and a new design was needed to reflect those changes. It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to the new JAARS.org.

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     DesignSite Launch