Random Hacks of Kindness

This weekend, more than 1,500 self-proclaimed "hackers" are gathering in cities around the world to work on technology solutions for world problems, including advance warning for severe weather situations, tracking lost children in large-scale emergencies, real time climate data comparison, and more than 60 others. The "hackathon" events are part of a global initiative called Random Hacks of Kindness, founded in 2009 in a partnership between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA and the World Bank.

We had the incredible privilege of working with the RHoK team to redesign and rebuild RHoK.org in Drupal 7. The new website is a platform for both promoting the unique technology events and for facilitating community participation in worldwide hackathons. Users can register to define world problems, volunteer support for creating solutions, and form teams around both problem definitions and technology solutions. For people who love technology -- and the web specifically -- it's an exciting opportunity to bring together subject matter experts from leading crisis response organizations around the world, with technologists to work on solutions.

Check out RHoK.org to learn more about this unique community of innovation, or follow RHoK on Twitter.

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