Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Goodbye 2008

Having survived the post-holiday frenzy that were weeks 1 and 2 of 2009, we took a few minutes to reflect on accomplishments from 2008. Here are a few stand-outs from the list.

  • We participated in DrupalCon Boston 2008
  • Sponsored and helped plan DrupalCamp Colorado
  • Released a few Drupal modules, most notably YouTube API
  • Won a 2008 Web Award and 2008 Interactive Media Award for, bringing the number of awards for our work with Colonial Williamsburg to more than a dozen
  • Launched a handful of shiny new websites, including our own

Equally worth mentioning, we've settled nicely into the Denver office (love the space and the neighborhood), have made important refinements to our process, and have continued to gel as a team. All in all, a productive year.

Hello 2009

We're two weeks in, and already have plenty to talk about.

DrupalCon 2009 Bronze Sponsor
### DrupalCon 2009 We're excited to be attendees *and* bronze sponsors for the event... looking forward to a fantastic conference in Washington this March!

Usability Tests for Drupal 7

Brad's off to participate in a round of formal usability tests at the University of Baltimore for Drupal 7 this February. This will help continue the work done by graduate students there last year.

Fresh New Projects Any Minute Now

We've been busy, and it's about to show -- expect new portfolio pieces soon. Among them, there'll be a Drupal website for a prominent New England art institute, a Drupal website for a large international non-profit, a Drupal+Flickr powered showcase site for a Denver-based tattooer and artist, and a Flash game using Papervision3D where you'll have to fight weeds to save flowers.

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