Fresh Paint

The Aten Design Group website has a new look. Well, maybe not an altogether new look, but a revised look. We've modified the typography, adjusted the layout, and made some color changes. The blog sports a reversed color scheme, with syntax highlighting for code examples.

The copy has changed, too. We've added projects to the portfolio, added text about our technical proficiencies and our iterative process, and added a couple employee profiles.

And then there is the technical platform - you guessed it, that changed also. We moved from a hybrid combination of custom PHP plus WordPress to a shiny clean installation of Drupal. The new framework provides a more robust environment for potential changes in the future, offers site-wide categorization, and provides better user management for delegating content development internally. It's easier to publish content, faster.

So maybe "Fresh Paint" is a bit of an understatement -- it's more like "New Foundation, New Walls, New Furniture and Fresh Paint." But what a mouthful.

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