Code4Lib 2020

Our Front-end Developer, Michaela is back at Code4Lib 2020 and ready for another year of connecting with the library community. This year, Michaela will be sharing how to Evaluate, Repair and Enhance Accessible PDF's. As our resident accessibility expert, Michaela will be sharing tips, tools and free resources on creating accessible PDF’s.

Accessible PDFs, The Pitfalls

Before creating an accessible PDF, determine whether it’s the right fit for your content. There are a number of alternatives to using a PDF but not every organization has the time, resources or knowledge to create different content pieces. The goal is not to fix PDF’s or focus on the alternative options but to provide awareness about the files on your site and how to enhance their usability and experience for your users.

Microsoft Words PDFs

In order to enhance and repair PDF’s, Michaela gives step-by-step aid on creating a PDF in Microsoft Word while focusing on accessibility: Creating Accessible PDF's in Microsoft Word


For those who would like to take a sneak peek at Michaela’s presentation or missed it at Code4Lib this year, download the presentation here with video demos, strategies and tools: Evaluating, Repairing and Enhancing Accessible PDF's Slidedeck

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