Accessible PDFs

Accessible PDFs

A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar about Accessible PDFs as a part of the Aten at Home Webinar Series. Here’s a quick recap of what we covered, and a recording of the session. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For more about accessibility, check out A Holistic Approach to Accessibility.

What We Covered

  • Cons to using PDFs
    PDFs aren’t responsive, they’re not consistent, and they’re generally harder to work with than other formats. But they do have a place, and they’re not going away anytime soon.
  • Alternative formats to PDFs
    From plaintext and HTML to EPub3 and native document formats, there are a number of great alternatives PDFs. It’s worth being familiar with the options.
  • Accessible PDF Overview
    Accessible PDFs include metadata that helps screen readers and other devices correctly interpret their content. Like accessible web pages, accessible PDFs provide semantic structure, strong contrast, and a number of other important considerations.
  • Creating PDFs from the beginning with Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Word provides a number of powerful, easy-to-use tools for converting your documents to accessible PDFs.
  • Evaluating and Repairing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro
    If you need to evaluate or repair an existing PDF, Adobe Acrobat Pro is probably your best bet.

Watch the Recording Online


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