Website Design Audits

Is your website design working for your organization?

Your organizational success starts with how your site users perceive you. Ensure your site design is making impact with a website design audit in between redesigns.

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Aten’s design team can help identify key changes that will make a huge impact in connecting with your audience, portraying your brand, and achieving your goals with a website usability audit.

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Our design audit process includes:

Flat-rate audit of your
site’s design, user experience, and accessibility

A full report of recommendations for improvement

Detailed estimate of how to remediate design, UX, and development changes

Our web design audits identify:

User Experience issues stemming from disorganized navigation structure, poor wayfinding and labels, or confusing user flows

Design problems related to consistency, brand personality, and responsiveness

Visual and content-related accessibility issues

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Design Audits - Stanford University

"Aten did an incredible job with the website user experience audit of the Stanford DoResearch site! We wanted a fresh look and feel, in line with the Stanford style guide, that was still unique to the Office of the Vice Provost & Dean of Research. We were delighted with the outcome! The new design makes information easier to find and gives an elevated look."

Laraib Baig, Product Manager
Vice Provost and Dean of Research