Working for Non-profits

We love working for non-profits and cultural heritage institutions. Why? Two simple reasons.

1 - They do business like everybody else.

There are many misconceptions about non-profits, the biggest of which classifies non-profits as non-paying (or little-paying) customers. A couple years ago we posted a note about an open position to a well-known design forum, and mentioned that we do a lot of work for non-profit organizations. One of the replies was something to the effect of, "non-profit = no profit."

That just isn't so. We've seen no measurable, categorical difference in the budget assumptions made by non-profit organizations as compared to the assumptions made by their for-profit counterparts.

2 - The reasons they get up and go to work in the morning are, by-and-large, amazing.

Most non-profits are inherently driven by greater purpose, vision, and mission. We've had the opportunity to be involved in some truly amazing efforts, efforts where our work -- connecting clients to their users in meaningful ways -- becomes both incredibly important and rewarding.

Over the years we've been involved with organizations working to:

  • Eradicate poverty housing
  • End world hunger
  • Elevate the standard of living for children globally
  • Preserve history and culture for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Provide medical care where it would otherwise be unavailable
  • Promote global literacy
  • Translate the Bible into mother-tongue languages of the world
  • Engage children to be advocates against poverty

What an honor.


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