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Drupal 8 Theming Kickstart

Aten Presents Drupal 8 Theming Kickstart on June 15th. Director of Front-end Engineering John Ferris highlights the major changes to the theme layer in Drupal 8. This webinar is ideal for experienced Drupal 7 developers wanting to make the transition to 8 as well as those new to Drupal theming. Spots for the webinar are limited, so register today.

Extending Drupal 8’s API Capabilities

Drupal 8’s API-first initiative will open the door for creating even more powerful and sustainable decoupled front-ends and progressively decoupled Drupal-backed sites and applications. Backend Developer Gabe Sullice wrote the Entity Query API module for Drupal 8, which was identified by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert as a first step in the API-first initiative (here's the announcement at DrupalCon). Gabe is now working with a team to create a full-featured implementation of the JSON API specification for Drupal. We are putting on a Drupal 8 API and decoupled architecture event in July, so look for more info soon.

“You’ve been Cropped”

Create Upstate has been a labor of love for our VP of UX Ken Woodworth and his collaborators for the past several years. The rest of us at Aten were proud to support the event again, especially since we got to turn our colleague into the Design version of Food Network’s Ted Allen. Ken hosted “Cropped,” a live design competition with increasingly challenging artistic tools. Find out more.

Design & UX Discovery Training

Discovery allows our team members to immerse ourselves in our clients brand, business goals and project needs, informing all of the work that follows. Last month Lead UX Architect Christine Coughlan and Senior Designer Erin Holloway ran a day-long Design & UX Discovery Training at DrupalCon New Orleans. They covered many exercises we rely on, including the Core Model approach, collaborative Sketching Exercises and the Comparative Design Analysis. Erin’s post highlights key components of the workshop.

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