DrupalCon CPH Recap

After a couple of weeks back in the office, it is time for a quick update on DrupalCon Copenhagen. The conference was great, and at just over 1,000 attendees, it seemed more like a get-together of friends than the whirlwind of over 3,000 that was DrupalCon San Francisco. Scott and I really enjoyed the keynotes, the sessions and the chance to explore the city a bit.

As always, the people were the best part of the conference. The smaller scale of the conference allowed us to meet and reconnect with people who are very involved in the Drupal community who live in Europe, North America and all over the world.

Some of that great interaction happened around our sponsor table where we were giving away the CopenViking books and other Aten swag. The self-organized Birds of a Feather sessions were another great place to discuss our work with people doing similar things.

Online Activism

A couple of these discussions focused on the online activism work people are doing with Drupal. The team from Trellon also outlined their plans to upgrade and expand the Activism modules for Drupal 7. We were excited to see the great number of similarities with the goals outlined for the new release of Activism and the work we have done for the Fair Elections Now website. Scott will be posting much of this code to our blog soon, with the hope that it can be of use by others building online activism projects in Drupal. We look forward to continuing the conversation!