Who We Are

We love doing work that matters.

We believe telling stories can change the world.

Justin and Jon started Aten way back in 2000 with a simple idea: use digital media to tell stories that impact lives everywhere. Since then, we have had the privilege of working with prominent clients in education, conservation, media, advocacy, health care and international development to do just that. This work is something our entire team is passionate about. We describe what we do simply and broadly as “work that matters.”

Our team is diverse, but we hold a few important things in common:

People Come First

We work in tech, but we’re in it for the humans. Our work revolves around human collaboration and is designed for human interaction. We strive to keep human experience at the center of everything we do — from the business relationships we engage in to the digital environments we create to the office we work in.

Collaboration Is Critical

Our process is grounded in collaboration. We actively seek opportunities to foster team participation and leverage the incredible impact of human interaction — both internally between members of our team and their various disciplines and externally with our clients and the open source communities we engage with.

Quality Over Numbers

Quality always comes first. We are deeply committed to being exactly the right size to take on the projects we value, to doing our best work every time and to staying closely connected to the impact and importance of what we are building.

Committed to Open Source

We believe in the explosive opportunity for fostering collaboration and transforming global societies with open source. Open methodologies empower worldwide communities, transcend corporate and political boundaries and leverage the spirit of human invention in incredibly powerful ways. We proudly participate in open source communities like Drupal and Node.js.