CSS Developer's Conference 2014

Next week I'm heading to New Orleans for the 2014 CSS Dev Conference. I'm super pumped for three full days of CSS nerdery!

I'm also humbled to be speaking at this years conference alongside people I’ve long admired, like Chris Coyier, Jonathan Snook and Estelle Weyl. On Tuesday, I'll be presenting "Layout Design Patterns". Most would agree that layout is the trickiest part of CSS and there will be no shortage of layout related content this year. Kenzy Conrad and Jen Simmons will present some of the new CSS layout specs such as flexbox, grids and CSS shapes. My talk is more about choosing the right tool for the job — solving layout problems by applying techniques from architecture and graphic design.

There are some other great sessions on the schedule covering concepts like animation, workflow and architecture. But for me, the best part of tech conferences is getting to meet people offline and learn about each other's experiences and processes — stuff you can’t sum up in 140 characters. If you're going to be there, hit me up on Twitter: @pixel_whip. Let's get together and share some war stories and maybe even some high-fives.

Hope to see you in New Orleans!