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Effortless drag-and-drop publishing for Drupal

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Build flexible, engaging, media-rich pages for your website – no developer needed.

Easily create, edit and rearrange content in Drupal – from simple text and images to slideshows and videos. Mercury Editor works seamlessly with existing Drupal 9 and Drupal 10 websites, without any licensing fees or restrictions.

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With Mercury Editor:

  • Drag-and-drop custom components to build flexible, visually compelling landing pages.
  • Create custom layouts in seconds with Mercury’s easy-to-use Drupal page builder.
  • Save complex layouts as templates for reuse across your website.
  • Instantly preview your work for mobile and tablet devices with this Drupal visual editor.
  • Control which components can be used in specific contexts, ensuring content authors work within established design and editorial guidelines.
  • Don’t limit yourself to subscriptions. This Drupal content editor is built on free software with no licensing fees. Download the Drupal module here.

Powering content, delighting editors.

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"As a government entity, we have some pretty lengthy pages with tons of images, tables, and videos, and Mercury Editor allows us to quickly add components anywhere on the page. Installing Mercury Editor on our website dramatically reduced the time it takes to edit a page."

Pete Weber, Web Administrator, City of Raleigh

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"Installing Mercury Editor on our Drupal website has made a huge difference for our content editors. The graphical interface is intuitive and requires less training, allowing our development team to focus on making additional technical improvements to our infrastructure." 

Favenzio Calvo, Director of Software Development at Florida State University Libraries

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"Using the Mercury Editor on our new sites has given our team of content contributors an easy way to build pages on our site. It’s great to be able to give them opportunities to have control over their content and the creative process to lay information out. We love the drag and drop feature!"

Matt Kapust, Multimedia Design Lead at Sanford Underground Research Facility

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