World Resources Institute: Aqueduct

Measuring, mapping, and understanding water risks around the globe

Last week we helped the nonprofit [World Resources Institute (WRI)]( launch [Aqueduct](, an online tool for mapping the state of fresh water around the world. Called ["A One-Stop Shop for Water Worries"]( by blogger [Rachel Nuwer](, Aqueduct provides in-depth analysis tools for one of the most critical strategic resources of our time: water. The launch was met with near-immediate coverage from [](, [The Guardian](, and [others]( We're thrilled to see the project so well-received, and owe a huge thank you to WRI for the opportunity to be a part of this project. Congrats to everyone involved - the Aqueduct team, [BlueRaster](, and [iSciences]( Our work included [information architecture](, [design](, and [development]( for the website. The interactive map and visualization tools were created by BlueRaster in collaboration with the Aqueduct team and iScience. For our part, this launch marks the first public stage of an ongoing engagement to help re-envision the future of WRI's interactive properties. We're thrilled with the result and very much looking forward to what lies ahead. Learn more about the project at [](
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