Project Review Wednesday: Commerce Justpay

Joel Steidl

There are currently 114 new Drupal contributors awaiting review of their first project. This is a great place to contribute to the community and learn about interesting upcoming projects, for example...

Module: Commerce Justpay

What does it do?

Commerce Justpay module provides the ability to enter payment information and a payment amount on a single page. This functionality can be surprisingly difficult or impossible with Commerce out of the box. Thanks to Commerce Justpay you can get this functionality just by installing the module!

Potential Uses

  • Accepting one-off donations
  • Settling invoices for services

Look Useful? Review it!

If this sounds like something you'd like to see readily available on, you should review it and help make that happen.

Review It

Pro Tip: If you've never reviewed a project application before, you can find instructions for reviewers on and the Code Review group is happy to help more people get involved.

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