Conveying Global Human Impact for the World Resources Institute

After months of collaboration, design, and development, we're thrilled to have helped the World Resources Institute launch []( The new website is fully responsive, beautifully redesigned, and built on a powerful, centralized publishing platform. Issues impacting the world's resources are critically important to the security and wellbeing of people everywhere, in all parts of the world. The new design for drives that home, acutely focused on global human impact. We provided communications strategy, information architecture, responsive design, and Drupal development for the project. Migrating content from multiple legacy sources and merging numerous distinct websites into a unified platform played a key role in the effort. The new website provides efficient access to the full breadth of WRI's research products, blog posts, and projects, with Apache Solr-driven search and rich, responsive browsing tools. We're thrilled with the outcome, and proud to be a part of this important work. To learn more about the project, read [WRI's blog post about the launch](, or simply visit [](
Site Launch