Colorado Public Radio

Justin Toupin

For the past several months we have been working with Colorado Public Radio to architect, design and develop the next iteration of A few days ago, the new website went live. Take a look on your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone. Better yet, listen on any device. The website is fully responsive, and features a persistent media player that streams audio while you are browsing.

Persistent Audio Player

CPR sought a way to stream audio that persists as users browse the website. Built on Drupal 7, the website leverages the Ajax Links API to provide a seamless browsing experience, while delivering uninterrupted audio, on all devices. For older browsers, the website degrades gracefully.

Unified Architecture

One key goal for this redesign was to create a comprehensive design system that would serve the needs of CPR's three distinct offerings: News, Classical Music, and OpenAir. Prior to the redesign, these services were fragmented across multiple distinct websites. The new, unified information architecture had to be both intuitive and comprehensive – often a challenging balance for media websites.

Integrated Experience

We worked with CPR to design tools that interface with numerous APIs. Calendars, pledge drive stats, and playlists are just a few of the services integrated into CPR's public facing website.

Looking Forward

We love working with media organizations, and are thankful to have played a part in the CPR redesign. Check out the work online at

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Justin is CEO and founding partner at Aten. He started the company back in 2000 with a passion for technology and communications, a desire to do meaningful work, and an aspiration to help build a place where people love what they do.

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