Aten at Drupalcamp Colorado 2015

In just a few days, Drupalcamp Colorado 2015 will commence. Aten is presenting exciting sessions and is also providing training on Friday! Look for us at our booth and connect with us in the hallways. We love talking with people about the work we do! Want a taste of what we'll be presenting over the weekend?

Friday, June 19th

9:30am - 5:00pm

User Experience & Design Workshop

Erin Holloway, Senior Designer and Chris Coughlan, Lead Information Architect will take you through our User Experience and Design Kick-off. You'll learn how to approach your projects with the fundamentals of user experience & design through this all day course. We’ll introduce you to a few tools and techniques we use with our clients at Aten for finding the right tone and content balance, ultimately creating a successful web experience.

Saturday, June 20th

11:30am, Concert Hall

Defining Design

Ken Woodworth, Aten’s VP of Design, will share our approach to designing for the web. With a focus on the outcomes over the tools, he’ll show how Aten is able to create beautiful, compelling designs that span entire sites, not just specific pages. If you’re a designer or work with one on a team, this session will outline ways you can work more collaboratively and clearly communicate design direction on your projects.

11:30am, Recital Hall

Page Layouts with Drupal

Joel Steidl, Lead Architect, will share various ways to achieve complex page layouts in Drupal. A complex page may contain a mix of node content, Drupal Core blocks, Views blocks and other elements. Learn about different page layout approaches including Panels, Context, Display Suite & custom code.

2:00pm, Room 103

Tips and Tricks for Legacy Sites

Developer John Erhardt will share tips and tricks for working on new-to-you legacy Drupal sites. A Client may request a change to one line of markup, but what’s generating that markup is not always obvious. What is placing (or not placing) that block on the page? But, with a few tips and tricks the process can involve slightly less hair loss. John will provide examples from a number of the legacy sites Aten has worked on over the last few years.

4:00pm, Concert Hall

The Flavors of SVG

John Ferris, Lead Front End Developer, will look at some of the more interesting applications of SVG. We'll focus on the different ways of implementing SVG on your Drupal site; the pros and cons of each and why you might choose one approach over another.

Sunday, June 21st

11:30am, Room 103

Taming the Project, An Agile Approach

Matthew Saunders, VP of Project Management, will share tools and techniques to jump into the world of Agile Development and Sprints.

2:00pm, Recital Hall

Responsive Images in Drupal

Front-end developer James Nettik will talk about problems inherent of images, and the various solutions to use them responsively in responsive designs. Then we’ll take a look at the Drupal modules that make those solutions easy for site builders.