Project Review Wednesday: Windows Live login

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Module: Windows Live login

What's it Do?

The Windows Live login allows users to login with their Windows Live account and automatically have a Drupal account created.

Potential Uses

Obviously if you have a large user base of Windows Live users, this module would make it super easy to create a Drupal account.

Let me diverge for a moment. There are more and more modules like Windows Live login that allow users to sign-in to Drupal with various accounts (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.). One issue is that most of these 3rd party authentication modules all work a little differently. It seems like a great opportunity to create a 3rd party authentication module and allow the various authentication methods as submodules, potentially similar to WYSIWYG module. Janrain Engage module attempts to accomplish this, but requires a license and has some limitations.

Until then, these one-off 3rd party authentication modules, like Windows Live login are a great solution for making it easy for your users to login.

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