Project Review Wednesday: Responsive Image Styles

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Module: Responsive Image Styles

What's it Do?

The Responsive Image Styles module allows you to create an image style for each viewport you are targeting, and tell Drupal when to show the desired image based on viewport size. There are a couple other modules that do similar things, but Responsive Image Styles claims to take a unique approach.

Potential Uses

If you haven't noticed, responsive web design is all the rage these days. Using media queries in your CSS to target various viewports is fairly straight-forward, but dynamically resizing images can be a challenge. Images are the main contributor to slow page loads on mobile devices, so Responsive Image Styles module can potentially help mitigate those issues.

Look Useful? Review It!

If this sounds like something you'd like to see readily available on, you should review it and help make that happen.

Note: As of this morning someone had flagged this module as "Needs Work", but based on comments, it will likely be moved back to "Needs Review".

Review It

Pro Tip: If you've never reviewed a project application before, you can find instructions for reviewers on and the Code Review group is happy to help more people get involved.

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