DrupalCamp Colorado 2011


The DrupalCamp Colorado website is live and registration is open! The site uses the COD install profile to implement much of the registration, sponsorship and other camp related functionality. It also features Ken Woodworth's "Yeti" design. If you attended DrupalCon Chicago, you may have already encountered the DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti. Yetis are known for their love of the Colorado mountains, good beer and Drupal... which makes the yeti the perfect DrupalCamp Colorado mascot!

DrupalCamp Colorado is one of the largest Drupal events outside of DrupalCon and is an inexpensive way to learn more about Drupal and get connected to the Drupal community. Last year DrupalCamp Colorado had over 300 attendees, not only from Colorado, but from places as far away as San Francisco, New York, Hungary and The Netherlands. This year we're expecting even more attendees and we'd love to see you there! If you register early you can take advantage the discounted registration rate.

Show Your Support: Download the DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti Module

DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti module

For those who are planning on attending DrupalCamp Colorado, you can add the DrupalCamp Colorado Yeti module to your site to show your support and count down the days until camp starts.

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