Connect, Cultivate, Hook: UX Workshop

Aten Presents

UX Workshop Connect, Cultivate, Hook

We plan to offer this workshop again in 2017. Follow @atendesign for dates.

A version of this workshop will be presented at the University of Illinois WebCon April 2017.

Building a digital content strategy helps organizations become effective and consistent storytellers. Capturing users’ attention through habit-forming user experience strategies keeps audiences hooked. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to engage your audience with the right messaging and identify UX techniques to keep them invested in your digital properties.

This workshop will cover the following strategies:

Get back to the basics
What are your goals and who are your users? How do you want to talk to them?

Trigger actions
Understand your users’ motivation and craft triggers that will influence their behavior driving them to action.

Building brand loyalty
Discover how to get your users to invest in your digital product and find out what motivates them to come back over and over again.

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