Upcoming Webinar – OpenAid in Africa

I’m excited to announce that on May 13th, I’ll be participating in the [Africa Roundtable](http://www.kabissa.org/africaroundtable), a webinar organized by Kabissa that brings together people in interested in Africa to learn from and network with one another. I’ll be talking about how [OpenAid](http://openaiddistro.org/), a Drupal distribution for NGOs and NPOs, is helping organizations worldwide establish a strong online presence. Here are the details: "OpenAid for NGOs" with Clayton Dewey from Aten Design Group Tuesday May 13th, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT [Register here](https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3622382096998495746) Originally built to help [Knowledge for Health (K4H)](https://www.k4health.org/) deploy multiple affiliate sites working to address public health issues around the world, OpenAid has been global since its inception. Most of OpenAid’s Drupal Group users reside outside the United States. The distribution’s project mapping feature is a big reason for this. Its resource library, image gallery and other features make it a great fit for many organizations operating in Africa. One organization taking advantage of OpenAid is [Stop Cholera](https://www.stopcholera.org), a project working to ensure that populations at risk of cholera will benefit from receiving oral cholera vaccine (OCV) in an appropriate and effective manner. They utilize the blog feature to provide updates to the campaign, announce newly released resources, and share important research findings related to the fight against Cholera. Another organization leveraging OpenAid is [Malaria Free Future](https://www.malariafreefuture.org/), which is expanding national movements of private and public sector leaders in Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda to scale up malaria control. Their site makes use of the photo galleries and country profiles to highlight the work taking place on the ground. During the webinar I’ll walk through in more detail the case studies mentioned above, a look at the features OpenAid provides, what lies ahead for the distribution, how to get started and then open the event up for discussion around features and functionality that is important to organizations working in Africa. If you work with an organization based in or operating in Africa I’d love to see you there.