Backdrop CMS

Backdrop is a viable, supported, open source alternative to Drupal 7 with end of life approaching in January 2025. As a fork of Drupal, it combines much of the traditional power and flexibility of Drupal with a focus on end user experience and affordability, especially for Drupal 7 sites that don’t need a redesign.

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Aten Design Group & Backdrop CMS

Backdrop is a good option for your Drupal 7 site if you are:

  • Largely satisfied with your website as-is (although may be considering improvements).
  • Not well-positioned for or interested in a full redesign and rebuild within the next 3–5 years.
  • Investing significant time and energy in workflows and training staff or learning to administer the site.

How can Aten help?

Our developers have strong Backdrop expertise and we worked with Stanford University to successfully upgrade two of their sites to Backdrop from Drupal 7. Want to discuss if a move to Backdrop is right for your site?

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Backdrop provides out of the box:

  • Flexible architecture: customizable fields, content types, and categorization options
  • A powerful user interface for dynamic content listings
  • A drag and drop layout system with the ability to specify layouts for particular pages or website sections, and visibility conditions for individual blocks on the page
  • Configuration management
  • Granular access control
  • Performance to keep the site loading fast and your server requirements low
  • A commitment to backwards compatibility, security, and affordability (so you don’t have to completely rebuild your site unless you choose to)
  • Ability to migrate to the newest version of Drupal easily if desired

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