Project Review Wednesday: Contact Plus

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Module: Contact Plus

What does it do?

Drupal comes out of the box with a Contact form. Many find the form to be limited and opt to use Webform instead. However, if the only form you have on a site is the Contact page, it can be a bit much to add a new content type, just for one form. Enter Contact Plus. This module adds setting to the default fields and the ability to redirect users to specific pages after completing the contact form.

As often happens, someone needed to customize an aspect of Drupal and wrote a custom module only to discover a similar module already existed. In this case a user discovered Contact Redirect only after writing their own similar module. The good news is that NikLP took the time to add additional features to his own module and is now submitting it as a project to replace the essentially defunct Contact Redirect which hasn't been updated for over three years and is only available for Drupal 6.

Look Useful? Review it! I Reviewed It!

So I took Contact Plus for a spin (aka I reviewed it).

I started with the codebase. Looking through the issue queue, the project submitter had just made updates based on a few suggestions. It simply needed review from someone as to whether those new updates were made successfully. So, I checked it out and saw that some changes had been made successfully, while one still needed some more work.

I updated the status to "Needs Work" and went on to actually checking this module out.

Contact Plus provides extra settings which allow one to customize the default name and sent-from fields. For example, one can hide either of those fields or make them unalterable depending on several different conditions.

On to adding categories to the form. Contact Plus allows one to redirect a user to a specific page once the form is complete, depending on the category selected. This is very handy for targeting user based on their reason for contacting the site.

      <a href="/sites/default/files/contact_plus1.jpg" data-images="/sites/default/files/contact_plus1.jpg"><span class="zoom">Zoom</span><img src="/sites/default/files/contact_plus1.jpg" width="550"/></a>

You can check on the status of this project here. Who knows? By the time you finish reading this post it might need someone else to review it and that person could be you.

Pro Tip: If you've never reviewed a project application before, you can find instructions for reviewers on and the Code Review group is happy to help more people get involved.

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