Project Review Wednesday: Comment Sources

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Module: Comment Sources

What does it do?

Comments on blog posts and similar stories was one of the things that really drove the "blog revolution" in the late nineties. Websites that you frequented were no longer simply something you read. You might actually get to interact with the author and other people that share similar interests with you. As social networks became more of the norm, though, conversations often moved off site and into these new networks. Other times, third parties like Disqus have added comment frameworks, allowing sites to have a number of advanced features.

Drupal ships with a comments module that allows for a pretty basic representation of social comments, but your site visitors may want something more. And the Comment Sources module takes aim at making it possible to change the comment source from Drupal's built in comments to Disqus or even Facebook. The module currently allows changing comment sources for content types, but may also allow node-based source changes in the future.

Look Useful? Review it!

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