Project Review Wednesday: Comment Limit Module

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Module: Comment Limit

What does it do?

Effectively managing the comments on a site is a common, sometimes painful, task for site administrators and editors. The Comment Limit module adds one more tool in the toolbox for those looking to maintain productive online communities. Administrators can now limit the amount of comments a user can make per day. The limits can be differentiated by role as well, which could work well with sites in which users can ascend the role ladder depending on their interaction and contribution to a site. This could also encourage the simple act of creating an account for users, allowing a certain amount of comments for anonymous users, and then increasing that limit once they are registered.

We all love comments, especially poetic spam comments, when there are modules such as Comment Limit to improve the comment management process. So check the module out, review it, and start limiting the amount of comments that can be made by "that guy."

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