Hiring Awesome Web Talent

Hi there, talented web developers and designers.
You should come work with us; we're hiring and you'll love it here.

We love rewarding projects, good people, a relaxed work environment, awesome location, lots of coffee, good food, happy hour, mountains, biking, hiking, the interwebs, and making money.

If you like those things too, you should apply to work here.

Open positions include:

  • Web Developer
    Solid experience developing web applications on LAMP is required. Drupal experience is a huge plus. Knowledge of other platforms and technologies (Django, Python, CF, advanced JS, etc.) is beneficial.

  • Interaction Developer
    We're seeking someone who can build Actionscript 3/Flex applications, but is interested / experienced in other front-end interaction technologies. Advanced JS is a huge plus. Design experience is beneficial.

  • Designer / Front-end Developer
    Awesome portfolio, and experience implementing designs in standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JS is required. Advanced JS experience and some experience with back-end technologies is beneficial.

That's the short of it. If it sounds good so far, drop us a line via our contact form. You can learn more about working at Aten over here.

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