DBUG Recap: October 24th, 2017

Last month, Tim Anderson showed us the ins and the outs of building a Drupal theme that needs to apply easily to many projects. Spanning multiple installs of Drupal, and multiple versions of Drupal itself can be a real challenge. We went through the foundations of a brand can influence what remains constant in a theme, and what needs to be easily configurable. We saw how Sass can be used to abstract those configurations out, making alterations to the base theme quick for spinning up sites fast.

November’s Meetup

This month, Ryan McVeigh is going to talk about behavior driven development. Using the automated testing tool Behat, we can start building products with reduced maintenance costs and faster development cycles. Using Behat tests can be written in plain English which also allows for anyone to contribute to writing tests, not only developers. Join us at Open Media Foundation on November 28th. For more information, RSVP on the Meetup event page or the Drupal Groups event page.

Drupal Events

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