DBUG Recap: November 28th, 2017

For the November Meetup, Ryan McVeigh walked us through behavioral testing using Behat and other complementary tools. Behat is a PHP testing framework that leverages the human readable Gherkin syntax. This allows for anyone to contribute to writing tests on projects, not only the developer. This ease in test writing means the user stories created at the beginning of a project can easily become what automated testing uses to evaluate the completed work. We also looked at the Mink extension, which emulates the browser. This allows us to test user interaction with our products, not just the code that powers them.

December’s Meetup

As has been the usual for the last several years, there will be no DBUG meetup for December. With the upcoming holidays as well as the New Year, let’s take this time to be with family and friends. We’ll start again in January, so keep a look out for that announcement!

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