Dust, MS, MBA

Senior Manager of DevOps

With a background in design and development, Jennifer is an Acquia Certified Senior Manager of DevOps with several years of experience using Drupal & WordPress. She holds two master’s degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management. Jennifer is an active maintainer of Prototype, a component-based starting point for new Drupal themes and supports Drupal Core's Single Directory Component documentation

In previous roles, they worked at the collegiate level as a developer and as an educator teaching Computer Science. As an avid learner, Jennifer lives for those “ah-ha!” moments, when the code clicks into place and you excitedly fist bump the air.

When she’s not programming, you can often find Jennifer teaching and volunteering at their Girls Who Code group, playing board games with friends, or running Dungeons & Dragons at the local game store. She’s also a big fan of traveling, having visited nine other countries from her home near Chicago, Illinois, with hopes of visiting many more in the future.