Aten Lunch Hour presents

Accessibility: Modernizing Mega Menus

July 14, 2021 2PM EDT

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Your site's menu is the gateway to your entire organization. You have tested it thoroughly with a mouse & mobile devices, but have you tried it with a keyboard? What about a screen reader? You could be blocking an entire community from navigating your site simply by not including these features.

Join Jennifer Dust, Full-Stack Developer, along with Michaela Blackham, Accessibility & QA Specialist, as they tackle making a site's mega menu accessible. In this session they will utilize a working example to show you exactly how Aten was able to assess, create, and implement solutions that make the menu accessible to all. This step by step process will empower you with the tools and knowledge to assess your own site's menu - whether it is a straight forward, flat menu, a simple dropdown, or a complex mega menu.