• Declarative Programming and Drupal

    Scott Reynen

    Last weekend I gave a talk on "Footless Drupal" about how Drupal 8 is using declarative programming for configuration, how the Config in Code (CINC) module is aiming to backport that to Drupal 7, and how it's already possible to use custom configuration workflows outside the default Drupal interfaces.

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  • Design4Drupal 2014

    Ken Woodworth

    Design4Drupal 2014 is almost here, and Aten couldn't be more excited. This year, along with being the Design Partner for the event, members of Aten's Design & UX team will be presenting four different sessions.

    This year's Design4Drupal (August 1-3) has been structured to give each day a specific focus. Friday kicks things off with a business summit, Saturday is chock full of sessions and Sunday wraps things up with sprints and trainings. Make sure you catch as many of Aten's sessions on Saturday as you can:

  • Getting Started with References in Drupal

    Joel Steidl

    Slated to be part of Drupal 8 core, Entity Reference is a field type module you should be familiar with now. I hope to give a practical example of how the Entity Reference module can be utilized and introduce a few other modules that greatly improve its usability.

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  • Someone Dropped a New Website in Your Lap, Now What?

    John Erhardt

    At Aten, I tend to work on already live websites. Sometimes this means small bug fixes. Sometimes it encompasses information architecture, design work, a weeklong development sprint, and working on the front end. In most cases my work is on a site I didn't build originally and often on a site Aten didn't build.

    I started putting some notes together on some of the gotchas I run across when working on new-to-me sites. This will become a series of blog posts, but one always has to start at the beginning: getting the site working on your local environment.

  • DrupalCon Austin: Call for Sessions

    Ken Woodworth

    DrupalCon Austin is fast approaching. There are already a huge number of session submissions (152 at my last count!) but there's always room for more. We're fortunate to have four folks from the Aten team helping with session selection. Here's what they're hoping to see from each of their tracks:

  • A Seamless Media Experience

    Rob Ballou

    One of the primary goals of the new CPR.org website was creating a great, seamless media experience. Part of this was the creation of a persistent audio player that worked on as many modern browsers and devices as possible. Creating this experience, though, was a bit of a process. The audio landscape is pretty scattered when you take a close look at HTML5 audio support and Flash support. So the first thing up was finding a library that let us use both types of audio to reach a wider audience.

  • Node Embed: A Viable Media Management Solution for Drupal

    Joel Steidl

    Drupal has long struggled in the area of media management and embedding. Despite Drupal’s wide selection of media modules, none of them have matched our requirements (probably too much to ask). Media module almost tries to do too much thus being a little overwhelming and challenging to modify. The Insert and Video Embed modules, among others, attempt to solve specific use cases, but are quite limited.

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