Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

Stanford’s Off-Campus Learning Opportunities showcases off-site educational activities available to Stanford students. The web application facilitates a robust workflow for soliciting, accepting, and processing a high volume of thoroughly customizable student applications.


Stanford’s Program Officers needed a way to design and publicize highly customized applications to unique learning opportunities around the world. Stakeholders needed streamlined access to relevant student records via integration with Stanford data services; a full suite of workflow management tools; and highly automated functionality for opening and closing application windows, notifying students of application status changes, and guiding faculty through the application development, applicant review and applicant selection processes. All data collected needed to be inter-departmentally available via open standards compliant services.


  • Built a simple interface for the creation of highly flexible, thoroughly customizable learning opportunities and their associated application forms
  • Integrated complex, internal Stanford data services for the delivery of student records alongside application submissions
  • Designed and implemented custom interfaces for robust workflow management, ushering applicants through up to nine internal review statuses during their application process
  • Integrated with Stanford’s Office of International Affairs to assist students in registering travel associated with learning opportunities along Stanford’s pre-existing and detailed travel preparation requirements
  • Created deep reporting functionality with the ability to run program or department level reports on student travel, student accomplishments, opportunity application statistics and more