New Diggs

Overlooking the Capitol, with Mount Evans in background, from the office balcony

Aten Design Group has moved. After six years of doing business from an office in Williamsburg, Virginia, we have relocated to Denver, Colorado.

Reasons Why

  1. Talent is hard to come by in Williamsburg.
  2. Important members of our team are already spread out across the country, with key designers in New York and LA. A more central location better serves them.
  3. Our clients are similarly spread out.
  4. The rocky mountains are here.
  5. There are dozens of other reasons, personal and professional, that also made Denver the right choice.

The New Place

The new office is on Downing and 17th, just a few blocks east of downtown. The office takes up the top two stories of a historic mansion. We love the space and love the location. We still need art on the walls, still need to set up the conference room, and will be making some final (minor) structural modifications, but are very happy to be here - despite the settling dust.