In This Together

From all of us at Aten: our hearts go out to those suffering in this difficult and unprecedented crisis. Seemingly overnight, our world has flipped upside down. Everything is uncertain, from our livelihoods to our very wellbeing. And so many have been directly, tragically affected by COVID-19 already.

With so much uncertainty, a few things seem clear. First, this global crisis requires decisive action from everyone, virtually everywhere. Second, as of the moment I am writing this, the future is unclear. And finally, we will get through this, together.

Here at Aten, we fully embrace the personal responsibilities spelled out by health experts all across the globe. We remain 100% open for business, but our physical offices are closed. Each member of our team is social distancing, working from home.

For us, the switch to 100% work from home was easy. About 30% of our team, and most of our clients, are distributed globally. In Denver, we have a long-standing policy that encourages frequent work from home. We are already well-equipped with the tools and processes required for remote teams to work effectively. (One admittedly new phenomenon: Zoom bingo.)

Our clients are going through similar changes, and some are also experiencing a drastic increase in pressure for the needs of their digital platforms. If there is anything we can do, from sharing tips on video conferencing to helping shore up a suddenly mission-critical page on your organization’s website, please reach out. We’re here to help.