Aten Lunch Hour presents

Decoupled Apps in Practice: Building a Tuition Calculator for Higher Ed

September 22, 2021 2PM EDT

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Join Front-end Developer, Brent Robbins for a demo of Aten’s tuition calculator app that helps higher education students plan for their future with the most accurate results. 

This decoupled application includes a powerful backend for you to easily manage all of the important aspects of the calculator with low maintenance. The application is backed by a CDN (Content Delivery Network) so is incredibly fast and reliable. The calculator can be designed to integrate into any school’s website with a responsive, mobile-friendly layout. Also, the application has passed thorough accessibility testing with assistive technology users so it’s accessible to all users.

Let us know in the ‘questions & comments’ section below: What are your school’s pain points with your current tuition calculators?