Aten Lunch Hour presents

Configuration Management in Drupal

August 26, 2020 2PM EDT


Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Apply comprehensive workflows to your everyday site building process.

  • Pull configuration out of the database and into version control.

  • Deploy configuration to Live in the UI and from the command line.

  • Automate configuration imports in each of your environments.

  • Bring it all together and improve your team development workflow.

Target Audience

This session is for:

  • Customers who have no tolerance for mistakes.

  • Sitebuilders who want to deploy to a Live environment in minutes.

  • Sitebuilders, developers, or project managers who want to version control configuration, add accountability, and track changes over time.


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with basic site building techniques and Drupal best practices. Prior experience with version control, configuration management, or command lines are not required but may provide additional context.