Aten Lunch Hour presents

Brand-driven UX Strategies

June 09, 2021 2PM EDT

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Most brand guidelines do a good job describing how your website should look, but what about how it should feel to the user?

Aside from some copywriting guidance, most brands fall short when describing a website’s interaction strategy. Especially considering the role interaction design plays in determining the way your website works for its users. Senior UX Strategist, Trevor Calabro will walk through a step-by-step framework for extending your existing brand standards into a scalable interaction design strategy. He’ll detail real-world examples and provide worksheets that streamline adding interactions into your current brand.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Auditing your current brand guidelines
  • Transforming visual style guidelines into interaction design first principles
  • Creating a system for incorporating your brand strategy in your UX designs
User Experience Design