Project Review Wednesday: Webform Event

There are currently 69 new Drupal contributors awaiting review of their first project. This is a great place to contribute to the community and learn about interesting upcoming projects, for example...

Module: Webform Event

What does it do?

One of the more exciting aspects of working on Project Review Wednesday is getting a quick glance at things that people are working on out in the world. Many modules solve a particular problem, some provide a means to solve a set of issues.

The Webform Event module is a key example of trying to solve a set of problems. Essentially the module provides an event content type, but also signup (or add their name to a queue if the event is full) for the event. Events can be closed by an end date or by a number of participants and the process ties in with several existing modules.

Look Useful? Review it!

If this sounds like something you'd like to see readily available on, you should review it and help make that happen.

Review It

Pro Tip: If you've never reviewed a project application before, you can find instructions for reviewers on and the Code Review group is happy to help more people get involved.

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