Drupal 7 (and Seven)

The Denver Drupal 7 release party was an amazing evening of food, drink and Drupal fun. We'd like to thank Examiner.com and Growing Venture Solutions for co-sponsoring the event with Aten and extra thanks to Elevated Third for not only co-sponsoring, but hosting the party as well.

I'm a cocktail nerd and was asked to help pour libations at the Denver Drupal 7 release party. While there have been many Drupal inspired drinks in the past, I'm partial to classic cocktails, so I created the Drupal 7 (and Seven) , which is based on the Seagram's Seven and Seven that was popular in the 1970's (which in turn is based on the classic Whiskey Sour created in the 1870's).

Throughout the night, a number of people asked about the Drupal 7 (and Seven) recipe. Here's how to make the cocktail for your next party (Drupal themed or not):

Drupal Drops

  • 1c / 240ml Water + 2tbsp / 30ml Water
  • 1c / 200g Sugar
  • 8-10 Green cardamom pods
  • 1-2 drops blue food dye
  • 2tsp / 4.5g Agar (Agar is a type of gelatin available at most Asian markets or online at chefrubber.com or Le Sanctuaire
  • 1qt / 1l Canola or Rapeseed oil

Place the Canola or Rapeseed oil in a container and refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight). Bloom the agar by combining it with the 2tbsp / 30ml water. Combine the 1c /240 ml of water, sugar, cardamom and blue food dye in a saucepan and heat over a medium-high setting. When the water, sugar and cardamom mixture come to a light boil, remove the cardamom with a strainer and whisk in the bloomed agar. After the sugar and agar have been completely dissolved, remove the mixture from the heat and pour into a squeeze bottle. Slowly drip the mixture from the squeeze bottle into the cold oil to create small blue drops. The blue Drupal Drops will solidify in the oil. After the Drupal Drops have had a minute or two to set, use a small strainer to remove them from the oil and rinse them under cold water.

Drupal 7 (and Seven)

  • 6oz / 175ml 7-Up
  • 2oz / 60ml Seagram's Seven Crown Whiskey
  • .5oz / 15ml Drupal Drops
  • Lemon zest
  • Ice

Using a vegetable peeler, remove a 1 inch / 2.5 cm strip of lemon zest, trying to avoid as much white pith as possible. Twist the zest to help bring out the essential oils and place in a highball or collins glass. Add the Drupal Drops to the glass. Combine the 7-Up and Whiskey, pour over ice and stir. Strain the 7-Up and Whiskey into the glass and serve.

Photo by Keith Stansell

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