Data in Action

WWF Supply Risk Analysis

The Supply Risk Analysis team at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works with multinational corporations to increase the sustainability of their supply chains and reduce adverse impact on priority species and habitats all over the world. The Supply Risk Analysis platform helps corporations understand the environmental, economic, social and geopolitical risks of doing business in the very places where commodities are produced.

We worked with WWF to build a platform that dynamically generates reports for a broad spectrum of risk factors in key international commodities markets. Reports had to be clear, compelling and accurate, quickly conveying context and high-level meaning for complex underlying data. The platform is password-protected and delivers a roles-based experience to authenticated users from partnering multinational corporations.

Maps & Data

The Risk Analysis team needed a way to present geospatial data – for example, to show coconut production levels across a broad region of South America. WWF staff use ArcGIS to handle this data, so we developed a simple process to integrate the Supply Risk Analysis platform with Esri ArcGIS map layers. Map tiles generated in ArcGIS are uploaded to the platform and rendered with Leaflet.