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  • Drupal 7 Views drop-down exposed filter for a text field

    John Erhardt

    In Views the only option for an exposed filter on a text field is a search box that can be configured for exact or partial word matches. In the case of a term reference, entity reference, or list field, a drop-down form element showing all options is available. This is a much nicer experience for the user when they may not know what options exist, especially if the number of options is relatively short. There don't seem to be any contrib modules that help either.

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  • Refactorability

    Rob Ballou

    As a programmer, I spend almost all my time hanging out with code. This code may be my own, other co-workers’, or code from an open source project. And I may be contributing this code at different points in that project's lifecycle: starting out, initial development, maintenance, debugging, adding new features, etc. Given the amount of time I have been working on various projects as a programmer, I spend more time – and place more value on – considerations around the ability for anyone to step into this code and maintain it, debug it, or refactor it.

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